2016 Canadian Home Furnishings Awards Gala

Message From The Chair

Laine Reynolds
Chair, Board of Directors
Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance

The recent announcements of the honourees of the upcoming Canadian Home Furnishings Awards reminds us of how important and valued these recognitions have become. For 14 years the CHFA has been honouring our industry's most impressive individuals and organizations. We are very fortunate that our industry has so many remarkable people and organizations within it and their success deserves to be celebrated. The awards not only spotlight individual talent but they also serve to enhance our industry and raise our collective profile. Our annual gala evening has also become the Canadian home furnishings premier event allowing for an exceptional evening of fellowship and camaraderie. This is where we come together to celebrate the inspiring achievements of our industry leaders.  

The CHFA is justifiably proud of the awards gala, which grows in stature as new recipients are added to the long list of high profile industry leaders and the companies that came before them. It is also important to acknowledge the CHFA Board of Directors and the Events Committee Members. These people are highly respected professionals and active volunteers to the industry. They have tirelessly committed years of time and energy into creating a valued industry Awards Program. They along with Murray Vaughan, CHFA President review the program on a regular basis to ensure that the program remains fresh and relevant so that it will continue to have a positive impact in our industry.

Thanks to Murray Vaughan, the Board of Directors and the Events Committee Members for their commitment to the Awards Program; and congratulations to the 2016 Honourees. We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Canadian Home Furnishings Awards.

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